Firehouse Training ~

We’re so fortunate to have all of our fire fighting equipment and a new firehouse.   This is the door of one of the 3 brush trucks. 

Tonight was training/maintenance night at the firehouse (as is every Wednesday).   I saw a need for training on the last fire our trucks went out on…there are other things to be done besides fighting the fire…and they’re things that someone on the ground could do and free up the firefighters for fighting flames.   I went to learn about turning on the pumps and setting up the trucks to pump water.  This is usually done before the trucks pull up to the fire scene.  We have 6 trucks and each one has a different setup.

This is the working end of our IH Tender truck (mostly used for refilling other trucks and transporting water to a fire site).    Ernie says this is the easiest one to learn and the one I would most likely have any need to work on…so,  we did a little training in getting everything set up to pump water through the hoses or to fill from a hydrant/riser.  

I used the flash on this photo and the colors turned out yellowed.  The IH is really white with red trim and markings.  It has 2 hose reels and is also set up to pump through a flexible hose that has to be drug around for ground work.  That hose is HEAVY when full of water.  I’ve had occassion to drag it around and as the guys say “squirt water”.  That was here in town on a house fire.  Unfortunately, the house burned quickly and was beyond saving by the time the trucks were on scene.  The home owner tried to put it out himself before he called for help.  Wrong choice. 

Now,  I could pull all the appropriate levers, flip the switches and get water going if  needed.  Next, I need to learn how to hook the fill hoses to the hydrant/risers…that takes some special tools and more muscle than I may have, lol, but I’m willing to try.

Susan ~ Patchkat