Power of Prayer

I’m sure some of you are tired of hearing me harp on the Power of Prayer.   I won’t apologize as I know prayer works! 

This is the Pecan Bayou last week.  Churches and prayer groups have been praying for rain for months. 

“Faith is not believing that God can – It is knowing that HE will”.   It’s hard to keep the faith when you don’t see any positive signs…and easy to lose hope.   We’ve tried to remain positive, knowing the Lord would provide….

and Saturday, He did!  Local gauges registered anywhere from 3″ – 7″ in the overnight rains.  We had a little over 4″ at the house.  Stock tanks are almost full!

The Pecan Bayou has water…about 3 feet standing!  It’s not running, but it won’t take much more rain to bring it over the rock dam.  What a welcome sight!

Susan ~ Patchkat






7 responses to “Power of Prayer

  1. I know God cares and answers prayer. Proved it over and over and over again. Shouldn’t say proved. Experienced is the word.

  2. I have been a follower of yours for a long time. Have never commented before but tonight I most. If it were not for prayer I don’t know if my family could or would have made it as long as we have. I read about all you have gone thru and still go thru every day. If it were not for god believe you me I just don’t think our lifes would be the same. I thank our god every day and I know you do to. Will never tire of hearing about our god. God is answering our prayers with the rain and yes we have needed it for so long.

  3. We know He works wonders, no question about it. I would say you should remember your prayers, you are going to Houston with me. A prayer or two will help us along the way.

  4. Your faith and testamony are part of the attraction your blog holds for me. Thank you for providing a positive and uplifting focus for me.