Roses and Rubies

This quilt started out as a little pile of leftovers from friend WWanda.  She had fussy cut the big roses out and was going to ditch the remains. 


I took the scraps, cut 17 –  3″ squares, added a light aqua and made 4 patches.  With the addition of scrappy reds and creams, the 4 patches grew up to be log cabins…and today, they evolved into a quilt.  The border is a cream/tan/mocha stripe.

Pattern?  Nope.  I normally adlib and just start sewing.   This time, it worked!

The top finished out at 44″ x 68″.  I’ll bind it in red.  So…from 17 little 3″ squares, a quilt was born!  Thank you WWanda for the inspiration fabric!  I have loved that fabric since you showed it to me ages ago in your stash cabinet.

Are you noticing a trend here?  The last 3 tops I’ve made and the last quilt I bound…all have lots of red in them!  The last 3 tops all have teal too.  I like the combination of colors and with the addition of some cream to mocha browns, I’m even happier!

Back to the sewing room to see what other trouble I can get into for tonight.  Stashbusting happening here!!!

Susan ~ Patchkat



8 responses to “Roses and Rubies

  1. What d’ya mean “This time it worked”??? Your quilts are always beautiful! It is fun to see what you can make out of leftovers, though, isn’t it.

    • I have always loved playing in other people’s scraps. Everyone’s tastes are different and I find myself stuck in a rut. The scraps break me out and give me a certain freedom that I don’t give myself.

  2. You are so talented. I love the colors in your log cabin blocks. They
    just seem to flow so naturally together.
    I have only done a couple of log cabin blocks. I just can’t seem to
    get my colors to flow right.

  3. I do believe I want that fabric back, Can I be an Indian giver. I will even come over and quilt it. That is if I can use your quilting machine. :)P