Recap of the week

Monday – work till noon, then off to Abilene for the oncologist’s office.  They drew more blood, gave me another injection of X-gevia and a good report from the oncologist.  She was almost dancing around the office when she pulled up my lab work on the computer screen…my cancer markers are down to 462!!!  I wasn’t as suprised, as I expected the reports to be good.  She just doesn’t know my God!!!  He is powerful, He works miracles and He’s taking care of me.   Some quick shopping followed with some chicken strips for dinner and then home.

Tuesday – work, work, work.   Stopped at vet to visit ApacheKat.  Home for dinner and a night of relaxation.  I even spent several hours in the sewing room working on D9Px2 blocks.  I like how they’re going together.   Finally settled down to watch a movie with Ernie while I worked on some hand binding.  About midnight, the firehouse tone went off and we heard the dispatcher pagimg the Burkett Volunteer Fire Dept out on a medical call.  We don’t have an EMT, but our fast attack truck rolled out.  Within 15 minutes, they were calling for a second truck.  Ernie and I loaded up in the other fast attack truck and headed for the scene of what we thought was an accident.   Sadly,  it was a fatality.  Apparently the man had a heart attack at the wheel and his truck stopped in the lane on the highway.  We were there to perform traffic duty for the amulance and other emergency vehicles.  All I could think to do was pray for the man’s family as I had already seen the shrouded form on the ground.  We don’t know who he was, where he was from or where his family is…but they certainly have our prayers.   Back home about 2:30AM.  BED!

Wednesday – work.   Lots of paperwork to get ready for the next month.  Brought ApacheKat home!!!  She was a happy camper and I’m thrilled to have her home.   On a different note,  Ernie’s Mom got her test results from the pulmonary dr…her cancer appears to have returned.  She has a spot in her lungs and one in her neck.  Now it’s back to her oncologist to find out what will be done.  I think they’ll put her back on the chemo that worked before.  She’s not sure she wants to do the chemo again…but we’re hoping she’ll be ready once the Dr orders it.

Then we had a board meeting for the BVFD, so off we went to the firehouse.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to hold a meeting with trucks cranking in the background?  I took this shot (our County Precinct Commissioner on his knees in the engine compartment) and promised I was going to put it on FaceBook, lol.  They finally relented and took the truck outside and we were able to finish our meeting.

A quick reminder that they will be drawing for the woman’s diamond ring in November at the Hunter’s Fest.  It’s a gorgeous ring, appraised at $2800.00.  Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.  email for address or additional information.

Thursday – work for me, Ortho surgeon’s office for Ernie.  Everything checked out well for both his knee and his shoulder.  Bible study in the evening.  Lots of prayer and Praises.  I really enjoy our Bible study group.  Nothing formal, just lots of group discussion about what we’re reading.  Now we’re in Romans.  Paul was a very real man…and he suffered all the same problems of modern man.  Home, dinner and I did a little more sewing.  A little bit of FaceBook time and chat with dear friend Bad Anita and then it was time for bed.

Today – work.  A very busy day for some reason.  Home, a little work time in the pretty much dead garden.  It’s time to clean it up and get ready for Winter.  Took the shade cloth down and it looks like the 2 pepper plants have tiny peppers!  Maybe with some sunlight and more water they’ll produce a few more peppers.  Sadly, the tomatoes are totally gone.   We drove into Cross Plains for yummy fried catfish at one of our favorite eateries “The Staghorn Cafe”.  The owner makes a slaw very similar to Mom’s and it’s delicious! 

It’s the time of year where we’re really on the look out for deer on the road.  Ernie slammed on the brakes for a herd of 6 or 7 as they bounded across the highway.  We glided between 2 doe and they weren’t the least bit concerned about the vehicles on the road.  I could’ve touched the one on my side!

Got home to this –   my side of the bed was covered in black and white kitties.  That’s Ebony (Ebby) at the bottom with her mouth open and her eyes shut.  Think she didn’t appreciate being awakened by the flash.  Blaze in the center and PB up on the pillows.  What a spoiled bunch of kitties!

Now,  I need to do a little more stitching!  That’s what happened in our lives this week.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat