Clara Belle’s first trip to the vet ;-(

Little Clara Belle has been sort of “off her feed” for the last couple of days.  I loaded her up when I went to visit ApacheKat this morning (more on that later).  Some quick checks and all they could find was a slightly inflammed bowel, no bugs, no worms, no fever, and some minor dehydration.  Some subcutanious fluids and some kitty pepto to soothe the bowel and she’s back home.  Clara Belle was a little trooper.  Even rode well in the van.  We’ll watch her for a few days and continue giving her the kitty pepto stuff for a week.

Once I got her home and turned her loose outside,  her brother, Bozo took over.  He wrapped a leg around her and cleaned her face, head and neck.  What a comfort…what a loving brother.

THEN….after a few more sweet licks and lovings, he decided it was time for a little tussle… Bozo wrestled and chewed a little, but Clara Belle let him know in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t going to wrestle.  Bozo left and Clara Belle settled down for a nap.



Love to watch these guys scamper and play.  Better when they’re all healthy!  Hopefully,  Clara Belle will be up to snuff in a few days.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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