ApacheKat ~ Update

The lab work came back showing a simple bacterial infection…something that antibiotics should easily knock out.   Of the 3 different antibiotics currently being used, 1 won’t touch this bacteria…but the other 2 should.  Anyhow,  there are 2 more antibiotics that this bacteria is supposed to be very sensitive to…so that’s where we’re at now. 

They sedated her yesterday and lanced the 3 abcesses to drain.  She will be injected once a week with the new antibiotic and given the other daily.  She will remain kennelled to allow the abcesses to drain and dry.  I’m not to be handling her to medicate while she’s still draining. 

I carried her special handmade cat food in this morning and Apache was most happy!  Among other things, it contains boiled whole chicken ground with Complex Vit B, E, fish oil, and Taurin.  I don’t make it often as it’s such a mess, but I do make a lot at one time.  I store it in the freezer in tiny containers.  One container is enough to treat a sick kitty for several days as long as it’s kept refrigerated.

Where did the bacteria come from?  Cat bites? Claws? Her chewing on herself?  Since she’s been inside most of the time since she had the kittens, he thinks it’s most likely something she’s come in contact with outside.  And it could be as simple as getting poked and scratched with the outside vegetation!   More likely though, from a cat fight or even a tussle with a raccoon.  Needless to say,  she has sealed her fate to being an inside kitty.  Think that will suit her just fine.  We will need to get serious on running the raccoons away.  We don’t need them fighting with the kitties.

I’m praying the new antibiotics work well and am looking forward to being able to bring Apache home later next week. 

Susan ~ Patchkat





4 responses to “ApacheKat ~ Update

  1. That is wonderful that she will be okay! We just “adopted” a new stray kitten that was too young to be away from her mother. The vet didn’t think she would make it a week. It has been over a week and now it is time to take her back to the vet. she will be a house cat too.

    Quilting by the River

  2. I’m so *very* glad to hear that Apachecat’s infection is treatable! If she was eager to eat she must be feeling some better. You’re a great “Kitty Mom” – where did we get our love of kitties from? Grandma Molly Hayman Clark once found a hummingbird that was stunned from flying into the kitchen window. She was so enthralled with it she kissed it. It “came to” and put its little lance-like beak right through her lip! Good job it wasn’t her eye! Happy you got a sprinkle – now if you could just get some *real* rain. You know this drought is worse than the one in the “dirty 30s”? We were 85 degrees yesterday! I’ve seen six inches of snow on Sept 1st here, and this year it’s been 85 degrees all week. That’s warmer than most summer days here! Sure wish I had a garden. BIG HUGS from yer ole Auntie way up north!

  3. I’m sure glad they finally figured out what ApacheKat’s problem was, and she is on the mend. I’m also glad she will be happy as an inside kitty. We have one that just insists he needs to be outside during the day, but so far we have been able to keep him in at night. He started out being an inside kitty, but wanted to be outside so bad that he did bad things, which weren’t acceptable, so……….. I hope the antibiotics get ApacheKat back to normal.