How can you walk away?

 ApacheKat is still at the vet…and it just breaks my heart to walk away from her each afternoon. 

Still no lab results.  Guess they’ll call tomorrow if they don’t hear anything.   The antibiotics aren’t really making much difference that I can see, she’s losing weight, and her coat is getting ratty.  She’s not really keeping herself clean.  Can we say depressed? 


The vet keeps telling me what a sweet lover girl she is…and all I want to hear is that they can treat her and make her well. 

Think I’m becoming as depressed as Apache appears to be :-(

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “How can you walk away?

  1. Susan,
    They have of course tested her for diabetes, myeloma, and kidney stones? Different ones of my cats have had each of the above and all had the same symptoms as you wrote.

    I will pray for her and hope she soon will be on the mend.

  2. I hope Apache gets better real soon,it is hard to see one of our babys not feeling well. Saying prayers for her and you too.