It just doesn’t pay!

This is the scene that usually greets Ernie on his return from the kitchen…

As he says, it just doesn’t pay to get up for anything, lol.  Blaze, Fraidy and PB are always vying for the warm spot on the recliner.  Looks like they won this time!  Sorry Ernie :-)

I’ve been working on cleaning out a stack of accumulated catalogs, magazines, sale flyers and other trash.   I don’t know how so much junk can accumulate so quickly.   It’s only going to get worse as the Holidays approach.

Still working on the next quilt binding.  Think it’s number 4 or 5.  It’s taking forever as my hand goes numb after a few minutes of stitching.  Probably because I’ve been on the computer so much at work, then using those same muscles to stitch.   Carpal tunnel is always with me on the left hand.

Did some quilting over the weekend.  Need to finish the last row and the border, then I can load another! 

Susan ~ Patchkat


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