Sick kitty :-(

This has been an ongoing condition for ApacheKat.   Since she weaned Bear and Blondie, Apache has suffered infections and abcesses.  We’ve been through surgery and multiple rounds of antibiotics.  The abcesses are blood rather than pus filled.   They aspirated and took cultures which had to be sent out.  Should have results mid-week.   In the meantime. she’s kennelled and I’m missing her company.   Praying that this is something treatable and that we don’t have to put her down.   The vet is concerned about what she could be exposing me to…

Hate having sick kitties.

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Sick kitty :-(

    • I’m praying they do….she’s such a sweet kitty. I talked to the vet this evening…no changes. Looking for the lab results to come back tomorrow or Wednesday.

  1. Just dropping in to keep up and see you have a sick kitty which is always a terrible worry. Hope all is well with Apachecat. Looks like you have wall-to-wall kitties in the comfy spots. That picture of the black one lying on her back in the chair with her head thrown back and teeth showing just slays me. What a goof!

    Aunt Deb