Disappearing 9 Patch x 2

I’ve made a bunch of Disappearing 9 Patch quilts (mostly in Holiday fabrics), but there are sew many variations out there…waiting to be tried :-)     I was talking to daughter Christy about the blocks I was making.  She had no clue what I was talking about, so I’ve taken pictures of the process.

The Disappearing 9 Patch x 2 is one of my play efforts.   I love the look of the block and when joined, they’ll make a very graphic secondary pattern.   The blue paisley fabric was my inspiration for all the colors for these blocks.



I started with 3″ scrappies for basic 9 patch blocks.  Square to 8″.





 the 1st cut – just a tad bit shy of 4″ on my ruler.   I cut both directions for the 4 quarters.





the quarter blocks were used in the corners of the next 9 patch.  The new white blocks and the center block are 4″ square.  I didn’t square these blocks before the next step.




 the 2nd cut.  Now I have 4 quarters that I’ll square to 5″.  These 4 blocks can be flipped numerous ways for great quilt blocks.   I’ll show you 2 possibilities –




 This is an interesting layout in that multiple blocks will give you a secondary pattery of 4 larger 4 patches to match the smaller ones in the centers.  This could be sashed adding a square in the center of each block.



This is my favorite – I flipped the alternate blocks 180° to alternate large/small blocks in the center.   The secondary pattern using this layout is large/small 4 patches in opposite corners.   There are no seams to match other than the center.   This block could be assembled and sashed with 1″ sashing and setting squares in the 4 corners between each block.

I’ll post a picture of the top when I get it finished.   I’m not sure whether I’ll sash or not.  It’s an easy pattern that looks really complicated when assembled into a top.

Now,  wonder what I could do with a 3rd 9 patch?   I’d have stong diagonals of alternating sized squares…and I think it would look pretty cool.

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Disappearing 9 Patch x 2

  1. Wish I could take credit for the block design. I love working with the 9 patch designs. Thank you for your comment. If you Google the Disappearing 9 Patch, you’ll find lots of cool variations to play with.

  2. Ive been given 100 yds of fabric ! a whole new batch of colors to play with. ! So Im off to DO this one this week. Im enlarging it a bit starting with a 4 in squares instead of 3.. thanks patchy !