Is it a full moon or what?

The answer is NO…not yet.  Then why oh why is everyone acting weird and wacky?

It’s been a week of craziness at work and around the house.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wild week of stupid.  My co-worker swears it’s in the water supply and we need to tell everyone to switch to bottled water!  I’m thinking she could be correct, lol.

The week started with a moving, thought provoking sermon in church, continued with a whole day of quilting with one of my favorite people, WWanda…then there was the Dr visit with great labs and another injection…lots of rent collecting at work, and finally, finally FRIDAY! 

What was so great about Friday?  Ernie and I met with Judy and Vince Laquidara (that’s JudyL to most of us quilters) for dinner!   A most enjoyable evening :-)  The conversation was “mile a minute” and the guys commiserated about how much fabric a quilter really needs in the stash.  That was a discussion they could NEVER win, ROFLOL!   As if all that wasn’t enough, my fried catfish was purr-fect! 

 These are the lovely, fluffy clouds yesterday evening.  I love watching the sky and the cloud formations.   The clouds were beautiful, but unfortunately…DRY.   See that dark cast at the bottom right…it looked real promising for awhile. 

Today saw us in Brownwood shopping.   When we got back to Burkett, it was time to water the peppers, feed all the kitties and do laundry (which the love of my life took care of).  I rearranged furniture in our bedroom to make a better cubby for my wigs, hats and growing scarf collection.  Think we’re both beat tonight. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Is it a full moon or what?

  1. Excellent news on the good labs! (and I’m not talking doggies). :-) So jealous Judy’s close enough to go have dinner with. But Wanda and Judy in one week tho — no fair! Pouting……..