BVFD Flag Pole Dedication

The new firehouse has been built, the trucks moved in, fires put out in the area and now, we’ve had our flag pole erected and dedicated.  The new flag pole, a 5′ x 8′ American flag, a smaller 4′ x 6′ American flag along with a 4′ x 6′ Texas flag were donated by the Woodmen of the World. 

The local Woodmen of the World and almost all of the Burkett Volunteer Fire Dept. members were in attendance.  The Honor and Remembrance ceremony was in honor of the heros and victims of 9-11.





One of the Woodmen of the World officers gave the dedication, followed by lowering the flag to half-staff by Dana, then the Pledge of Allegience.        



 The dedication plaque.








Kenneth, Pam and Lovera.  Don’t you love those bright T-shirts!  We’re hard to miss, lol.



Ernie in florescent, Jo Nell in plaid with 2 members of the Woodmen of the World.



Some of the Woodmen of the World members.  

 Before the ceremony, there was a lot of mingling and catching up with friends.  Very nice morning.


Thank you to the Woodmen of the World for this beautiful donation.  To have the American flag flying in all her glory is an honor for the community of Burkett.

 One of the lots that the new firehouse is built on was owned by the Woodmen of the World way back when Burkett was a thriving community!  Funny how history has a way of coming back around :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


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