Today’s Treasures

One of the fun things about living here is the history of our property.

There was a cotton gin located on the back part of the property.  Now, there is a little of the office foundation visible and a lot of junk that surfaces when it rains or the ground is disturbed. 

After the gin, there was an old Indian who lived on the back 40 in a trailer.  The whole back area was his dumping ground.

We’ve found all manner of lovely little glass bottles, pieces of pottery, lead balance weights from the gin and old gears, bolts…just stuff.  Like living on an archeological dig! 

Ernie was splitting wood today and found more bottles, jars, a glass door knob, an old wrench, Navy pea-coat button and part of what might’ve been a child’s toy.  There is also a metal tag that was riveted to something leather or fabric…has a man’s name on it, Burkett Route, Coleman, TX.   We didn’t recognize the name, so took it to the former Post Mistress.   She’s not sure either, but said the tag would’ve indicated a location on the Highway…not in town.  She’s thinking it might’ve been on cotton either coming into the gin or going out after being ginned.   

The child’s toy or  is cast, metal…and painted .   It appears to be a cowpoke on a bucking bronco.   Maybe Ernie will find more of it someday, lol.  Would’ve been a great accent in the bunkhouse.  We just never know what the ground is going to yeild up…pretty cool!

I’ve saved several large gear pieces and the long weights for future “yard art”.    We have a cabinet that Ernie built from weathered wood and an old window frame from his childhood home…it would be perfect for displaying the growing bottle collection in the bunkhouse. 

In addition to all the stuff we unearth, there are the ever present critters.

Last night, there was a medium sized possum on the deck.  It was wanting the dry cat food and Bozo wasn’t backing off from the possum.  I had to intervene as the possum can do serious damage to a kitty.   The coons (Mom and 3 kits) have been nightly visitors at the feeder.  The 2 smallest kits are quite interested in what we’re doing.   They get the BB gun treatment. 

I guess the coyotes are getting thirsty as they’re coming in closer.  We can hear them yipping and howling and they sound CLOSE.  That doesn’t make me happy with the kitties outside, but hopefully, the kitties can take care of themselves and stay out of harms way.

This morning,  I had to chase a hen and her Rooster companion out of the carport…

Life is never dull here!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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