Tippy’s Kitties

Cab we say “spoiled”?  All 5 kittens have survived to almost 3 months old!  They’re skittish, playful and spoiled rotten.

Bozo, Bright Eyes and Clara Belle are willing to stand and be petted.  Frosty and Ditto run if you even look at them.   I don’t know if they will ever tame down.  Food has been the key for the first 3.

Meet Bozo.  He’s the most friendly and laid back of the bunch.  He comes when called for the most part and will let us walk up to him.  He talks to us and the purr box starts the minute he sees us.  I can pick Boxo up and manhandle him.   He sits outside the sliding doors and talks to us wanting someone to come out and play. 


This is Bright Eyes.  He’s a lovely siamese tan with brown ears, and brown stripped tail.  His little muzzle is almost white and his eyes are BLUE!  He tolerates handling, but still isn’t ready to be picked up.   His coat is so sleek and smooth.



This little girl is Frosty.  Ernie says she reminds him of a root beer float, lol.  Shes got the faintest tan stripping on her front legs, the same tan body, dark ears and tail as Bright Eyes.  She’s got the dark stripes on her forehead and is the prettiest of the bunch.  I would sooo love to hold her..





 Bright Eyes and Ditto…She couldn’t deny her paternal line as she shares the exact same swirl markings as the Bad A** Swirl tom cat.  She’s the most skittish of the bunch.  We hope that will change.  Swirl seems to know she’s his.  He will tolerate her rubbing on him and he nips her ears and tries to play.  They’re cute together.


Momma Tippy in the background supervising Bozo and Bright Eyes.   Unfortunately,  I didn’t get a photo of Clara Belle.  She’s colored like Bozo with more white.  She has a pretty face.  I’ll try to get her next time I’m out with the camera.  Clara Belle doesn’t purr yet, but she will let us pet her.

We love the kitties.  They keep us entertained.  We haven’t had rodent problems or snake problems around the house.  Not really sure if that’s because of the kitties or not, but I’ll gladly feed kitties to keep the other stuff away.  The raccoons come up nightly to clean up whatever the kitties have left.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Tippy’s Kitties

  1. I too am a cat person for that matter dog, opussom or whatever animal needs to be fed and needs a home. I really enjoy your blogs about
    your cats. It makes you as the reader that you know each one personally.
    I have always heard if you have outside cats, you won’t have snakes, I am not so sure about that but would like to believe it is true. Because
    I am afraid of snakes and even thinking about them gives me the creeps.
    Thank you from the animal kingdom for being such good parents to the kitties.