Memories of Y2K

Do you remember the anticipation of Y2K?  There were parties, anxieties, prophacies, and lots of craft swaps.  I participated in the Y2K fabric swaps…mostly 2.5″ charm squares and signature blocks.   We were living overseas and the swaps kept me in mail for months.  Even our mail clerk got excited when we had squishy mail.  I loved the swaps and couldn’t stop.  ADDICTED!!!  From the packages I received, I made a king size Y2K quilt.   The excess squares ended up in my scrap box and I’m still working with them today.

Linda posted on the Sunshine list…she thought “When Blocks Collide” would be good for her Y2K swap squishies.   That made the wheels start turning again….if using 105 was good, wouldn’t using up 210 be better???  So “Memories of Y2K” was born!   Same pattern as before, but switch the position of the rails/pieced strip.   Each block uses a single rail block with the pieced strip  on each side.  Press towards the center rail.  Alternate the direction of the  blocks for this one.

 Lots of 2.5″ blocks used here.  This would work as an “I Spy” quilt too.  There are birds, chickens, fish, cats, dogs, cows, pigs, people, farm equipment, flowers, robots and many other cute things for a child to find. 

Do you see woven ribbons?  Framed rectangles?  I see framed rectangles.  I could see a group exchanging completed blocks with each person’s name in the solid rectangles.  Would be a cool project for a bee or guild group…each person could make their block in a specific colorway.  

Anyway,  another scrappy top completed and ready for quilting!  I have 2 more “When Blocks Collide” cut out to finish this week. 

Thanks Linda, for being my inspiration :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


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