Alaskan Salmon anyone?

W Wanda gifted us with a beautiful side of salmon when she concluded her Alaskan visit.  It’s been residing in our freezer just waiting for a day like today!  I thawed it this morning, dressed it with lemon-pepper seasoning.  It rested in the refrigerator marinating in zesty italian dressing. 

I made stir fried rice while Ernie threw the salmon on the grill.   YUMMY!  Sorry I didn’t snap a picture.  I never remember to grab the camera before we start eating.

Now, to decide what to do with the leftovers.  It was a big fillet!  I like salmon flaked over green salad…and I’m wondering if it could be flaked for salmon croquettes.  Anyone have ideas for cooked salmon?  Ernie probably won’t touch it again, so something I could use for lunches would be terrific.

Sunday’s dinner is resting before it goes to the refrigerator.  I threw a beef roast in the slow cooker this morning.  It appears to be tender and smells wonderful.  A salad and some kind of potatoes will complete tomorrow night’s dinner.  Good to have that done!  Means more play time for me tomorrow afternoon :-)

Do you have favorite “cook ahead” meals?  Want to share?  I’m always open to new recipes that can be made ahead and free up sewing time.

Susan ~ Patchkat




10 responses to “Alaskan Salmon anyone?

  1. I love leftover salmon cold, or like you said sprinkled over a salad. I bet you could do salmon patties with it, just like you would with canned, that is precooked after all.

    • We both like the salmon croquettes, so this is a possibility! I just wasn’t sure if the leftovers would work.

  2. Zatarain’s make a GREAT salmon cake mix but I am sure you can find a recipe on the internet. If you freeze them after you make them BEFORE you cook them they make a good quick meal any night you choose..

  3. My husband had a favorite dish for leftover salmon: salmon and peas in a cream sauce. Real easy and delicious. Make a nice white sauce, add early June peas, and pour over salmon. Yum!

  4. With so much tomatoes coming from my garden I decided to make a Greek salad. I make it up in the morning with the dressing in the salad(except for the lettuce) and as it marinades it will only get better in the next few days. I made it with pasta, cucumbers, chives onion, green pepper, carrots, black olives, celery & greek salad dressing (1/2 c olive oil, 2tsp dijon (or regular) mustard, 2tsp vinegar, 1 tsp oregano, 3 cloves of finely diced garlic). Now instead of having to make a full salad every night, I grab lettuce and the container of greek mixings and feta cheese (to crumble on top), saves me 5-10 minutes for a whole week; which adds up. Hey whatever you have on hand is good, as long as you have olives, dressing and feta cheese you have a greek salad- in my eyes! lol

    • I’m not big on pasta, but friend WWanda brought a pasta salad with those real tiny rotini swirls…and it was terrific. I could use those for your Greek Salad recipe! Wish we had tomatoes from the garden. Ours burned to crispy critters.

      Thank you! I will be trying this one :-)

      • That’s the ones I use, they call the fusilli (sp?), but I call it small corkscrews! Oh if everyone likes feta just crumble it right in and let it marinade as well. Today I browned 3 chicken legs(cut in half), then sweated onions, green/ orange peppers in the leftover fat (from browning chicken). Put all that in a simmering pot and added a can of mushrooms (not drained) 2 tomatoes (or a can of diced), 1 large carrot sliced, 1 tsp of oregano & basil, salt & pepper.. Get that to just barley a boil (simmer) and let that cook for 35 min, stirring every ten min. Lovely served over white rice. or spaghetti noodles! PS you can make everything in morning and let it sit, and take it out of the fridge to simmer for 35 min. . The veggies, and everything. ok I will quit now.! ;) Glad it makes your brain think food!!!