Alaskan Salmon anyone?

W Wanda gifted us with a beautiful side of salmon when she concluded her Alaskan visit.  It’s been residing in our freezer just waiting for a day like today!  I thawed it this morning, dressed it with lemon-pepper seasoning.  It rested in the refrigerator marinating in zesty italian dressing. 

I made stir fried rice while Ernie threw the salmon on the grill.   YUMMY!  Sorry I didn’t snap a picture.  I never remember to grab the camera before we start eating.

Now, to decide what to do with the leftovers.  It was a big fillet!  I like salmon flaked over green salad…and I’m wondering if it could be flaked for salmon croquettes.  Anyone have ideas for cooked salmon?  Ernie probably won’t touch it again, so something I could use for lunches would be terrific.

Sunday’s dinner is resting before it goes to the refrigerator.  I threw a beef roast in the slow cooker this morning.  It appears to be tender and smells wonderful.  A salad and some kind of potatoes will complete tomorrow night’s dinner.  Good to have that done!  Means more play time for me tomorrow afternoon :-)

Do you have favorite “cook ahead” meals?  Want to share?  I’m always open to new recipes that can be made ahead and free up sewing time.

Susan ~ Patchkat




Do you ever….?

I went to bed last night thinking about a quilt I wanted to make…. dreamed about it, and HAD to make it!  Think it turned out pretty good for something that never went into EQ7 or onto a tablet.  Just in my feeble mind!  Sticking with normal block sizes meant not having to do any math to make it work.  My kind of quilt!

“When Blocks Collide”  is what you get when 9 Patch blocks collide with Rail Fence Blocks, lol.   The white background fabric is a subtle print that has been in the stash since 2002.  There is enough left for 27 more blocks…so I’ll pick another background and make a second donation quilt.

Super easy quilt…great for scrappy and perfect for a kid :-)   This one is made with 6.5″ blocks and measures 42″ x 52″.  The center colored strips came from the 2.5″ scrappy square box!    Didn’t make a dent in a single row of what’s in that box :-(   The white rails are 2.5″ x 6.5″.   I used 35 blocks. Quick directions follow:

1.  Sew 3 – assorted 2.5″ squares together, (you’ll need 105- 2.5″ squares for 35 blocks) add the rail strips on either side. (cut 70 rails)  Press to the outside rails. 

2.  Set the blocks together alternating directions, press to the rails (you should have 35 blocks). 

3.  Set the rows together (5 across, 7 down), nesting the block seams.  You’ll want an odd number of blocks in each row and an odd number of rows to make your pattern balanced.   I chose to use a single border of the background fabric, but you could add a colored strip as framing first. I’ll bind this one with a scrappy binding to bring out the center colors.

I will make this one again, using 3.5″ squares for the center strips which will make up into 9.5″ blocks.  Told ya!  Easy Peasy!

Susan ~ Patchkat