and the battle rages on –

Ernie is still fighting with his jaw.  He’s been back to the dentist for x-rays.  Nothing out of place.   They had to do so much prying, drilling and cutting, this is just going to take time to heal.  Patience is not a strong virtue around our home….so you know he’s miserable.

He did take time off from his pains to do some night fishing last night.  Caught 3 fish, kept nothing.  Guess he had a good time on the boat.  Did I mention that Ernie LOVES to fish?  Someday the Bayou will come down bringing fresh fish to our property.   Its cool to be able to stand on our bank and fish :-)

Maybe another day or two will see us both back in tip top shape without the aches and pains of the past several weeks!

Susan ~ Patchkat