Another finish ~ ~ ~

Strings and crumbs have been my mainstay since the late 90s when we lived in Saudi Arabia.  I was consignment quilting for a lady on the compound and selling at local craft fairs.   I ended up with a lot of scraps from those projects.     Fabric was expensive and good cottons hard to find on the local economy.  Once I realized that important fact, I became frugal….scraps became important!   I  started cutting up everything in sight.  I boxed each size strip, each size square in it’s own shirt box.   What a joy to grab a box and sit at the machine.  No muss, no fuss, no waste, no measuring, cutting, nothing but sewing and pressing.  Squares became 4 patch, 9 patch, HSTs, snowball blocks…the strips turned into rail fences, 9 patch blocks and all manner of string pieced blocks.

Scraps certainly weren’t new to me…I come from a long line of scrappy, utilitarian quilters.  I remember being at the farm (my maternal great grands – Wharton) and being in the “spare room”.  Ma had a huge trunk that had come from Arkansas on a wagon…and it was stuffed full of scrappy quilts and needlework table/dresser linens.  I loved that trunk.  Have no clue what happened to it or it’s contents when Pa died and Ma moved to the nursing home. 

Great Grandmother Fulton was a scrappy quilter.  We are fortunate to have one of her quilts in the family.  Her quilts always used the bits and pieces from pajamas, shirts, dresses, aprons, table cloths, curtains, and undies.  I played in her scrap basket and handed her bits to stitch.  Her templates were drawn on newspaper, cut out and carefully traced around.   It’s a miracle anything ever fit!   The finished quilts were always lovely and one of a kind.

Mom made scrappy quilts, but she could afford to purchase matching fabrics and seemed happiest working in a more controlled scrappy environment.  Me…I’m the throwback to those earlier generations!  Give me scraps and turn me loose :-)

During the last 20 years,  who knows how many scrappys have been made, quilted, donated.  I’m happiest playing in scraps.  You’ll notice a stringy, scrappy theme in most of the quilts I’ll show you :-)

This one started with a stack of greens…and a box of strings. (strings are strips of fabrics left when you square off the ends of yardage or trim quilts before binding…and they’re normally less than 1.5″ wide).  I think the pattern is a Rocky Road variation.  My templates are “scrappy” too as I cut them from an old cutting mat.  They’ll withstand rotary cutting like champs!  Waste not, want not…think someone important said that, lol.

Christy quilted this one and I’m just now getting the binding done and photos taken.   I should have another one to show you tomorrow or Friday.   I’m so thrilled she quilted while she was here…now I have nights and nights of binding work to be done. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


11 responses to “Another finish ~ ~ ~

  1. What a great scrappy quilt. I have lots of scraps, but they aren’t organized. My brother spent about 10 years or so in Saudi…..small world.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt. I think my scraps are trying to tell me something. They want to be quilts because no matter how many I use, more materialize -LOL.

    Great post, Susan.

    • Isn’t it funny how our scraps talk to us! I am currently going through old quilting magazines looking ….really looking at scrap quilts. I’m recognizing what appeals to me about each one I like. The common factor seems to be the more scraps, the better…and the more like the old antique quilts they look, the better.

      I’m planning several more scrappy quilts to kit up for future sewing.

  3. There are a lot of great quilters around Wharton. We just had a quilt retreat in Wharton back in July. What a blast to get to know all those ladies from Wharton, El Campo and Bay City.

    I love your scrap quilts. I use my scraps too to make blocks with used fabric softener sheets as the foundation.

    Hope all of us get some serious rain soon!

    • I tried the softener sheets too, but then I was gifted with yards and yards of really thin fabric…like you’d make night gowns from or something, not slick, just thin. Best use I could think of…cut the yardage into 7″x 9″ rectangles for foundations. Made lots of strip quilts (lattice? pattern) using those foundations.

      Have I mentioned that I really enjoy making scrap quilts???? lol.