Late start for a busy day…

The nice boss lady gave us a free day!  I took today so we could run to Abilene.  Picked up the next month’s chemo drugs, made a run to Sam’s and Wal-Mart…with a trip to Mardel’s Christian Store and Hobby Lobby.   Found a new pocket Bible at Mardel’s and a Willow Tree figurine…a little girl praying (Angel of Prayer).  She’s on the mantle with the figurine daughter Stacie gave me (Angel of Courage).  

We had to visit the Sprint store, but that was only partly successful.  Ernie’s phone is “antiquated” and the drivers can’t be updated…and the towers don’t like dealing with the installed drivers.   When the towers quit talking to the phone drivers completely, guess he’ll have to break down and get a new phone.

Hobby Lobby caused me to mess up my Stashbusting record!  Honest, it was the store’s fault.. the fabric was on sale.   You know what that word does to a shopper….I HAD to BUY grey and a slate blue Kona for backgrounds.  HAD to!  It just jumped into the cart!  No?  Okay,  I wanted them and I bought a total of 4 yds. which will be on Sunday’s report.

We had a late lunch at Olive Garden.  Yum.  I love the Soup, Salad, and Breadstick thingie.  I have a recipe for the soup I love the most…the Zuppa Tuscano…spicy sausage, potatoes, kale…spicy and yummy.   Ernie agreed it’s pretty tasty…and they gave him ranch dressing for his salad, so it was good.   He’s still babying his mouth as the tooth that was extracted “dry socketed” and it’s now packed with medicated gauze.  No fun at all.

Now, we’re home, kitties are fed and I’m ready to sew for awhile.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Late start for a busy day…

  1. Oh dear, so sorry for Ernie’s tooth issues! They say having a dry socket is about the worst pain there is. Hope he’s feeling better now. God bless you both!!