Great NEWS!

Yeserday was the 9 month follow up on Ernie’s bladder cancer surgery.   The trip to Dallas was good.  I crocheted until we hit traffic, we found the hospital, got the car parked before they shut down the valet service for lack of parking spaces, and made it into the proper area on time.   Ernie had his CT procedure with the same tech who did the last procedure.

That done, it was off to lunch…and a quick trip to Sam Moon on Harry Hines Blvd.   For those who haven’t gone, it is a woman’s paradise!!!  Think of a Wal-Mart sized store full of scarves, hats, jewelry, purses and luggage.   There were aisles of purses, aisles of jewelry and aisles of hair pieces, hats and scarves.   It was WONDERFUL!  Ernie wasn’t overly excited for some reason?  Oh well.  His loss :-)   I loved it!   I’ve already made plans for a return trip!

Garmin directed our return trip to the Aston clinic in time for Ernie’s Dr appt.   Got checked in, read a magazine and saw the Dr.   

The Great NEWS?   The CT scan shows no signs of the bladder cancer!  NOTHING,  ZIP, ZILCH,  NADA!  

We don’t have to go back until AUGUST 2012 unless there is a problem beforehand.   Are we excited?  You bet!  To God goes the glory once again!  We’ve prayed for a complete recovery and no new cells…and God heard and answered.  His works are mighty and most powerful.

After a great (althougb way too short) visit and a good Mexican dinner with Bob and Betty,  we were on the road back to Burkett.  This was a welcome sight for us –  look at the price for unleaded ($3.36)…in our area, it’s still running $3.59 and upwards.    Needless to say, we filled the van and wished we could’ve carried a tanker truck home.

Another cool sight, tho it made it hard to drive was the sunset.  The sun was a huge orange ball hanging in the sky.  It was hard to get a great shot from the van, but I did try :-)

Anyhow, the sunset was really pretty.  The sun sank rather quickly, so I didn’t  have time for any clear shots. 

Have to take what’s available :-)

We made it home about 10:30PM.  We fed the livestock and put up a few things, then it was time for bed.

That was our quick trip to Dallas and the blessings we received.   Can’t ask for more!

Susan ~ Patchkat


16 responses to “Great NEWS!

  1. Susan ,
    Thanks heavens he is cancer free. Prayers do work and will still keep praying that he stays Cancer free.
    Carol in Delaware
    Who is doing A Happy Dance for both of you

  2. Oh, Susan, that truly is great news! God is wonderful! Thanks for sharing ( my oldest brother died suddenly on his 74th birthday last Sat — his heart – and today was the service and wake). I am very happy for you both.

  3. PTL!! We serve an awesome God.
    Congrats, I know y’all both have a great burden lifted.
    Lisa in Alabama

  4. God is great, God is good.
    Prayer is a powerful thing, I will continue to keep both of you in my prayers.

    great news!

  5. Congradulations for Ernie. Thats good news.

    One down and one to go.
    I for one could ask God for more!

  6. PTL! So thankful to hear the news about no sign of the bladder cancer. May God be glorified by everything! do have to admit tho that I wish I was paying what you are in gas – it’s still $3.799 here where I am.