Another repair job

Ernie has struggled with this fountain since the wintertime freezes… this time, he took it even further!

He took the fountain completely apart.   Decided to pour a concrete slab, so that entailed digging, forming, leveling and a wheelbarrow or two of Sakrete.  Here he has it dug, framed and leveled.  (The kittens enjoyed this stage as they felt he had dug this cool spot just for their enjoyment.)



A little muscle power got the stuff mixed and poured. Then it was time to finish and edge.


After that cured, he popped the forms off and had a nice base for the fountain.  We’re eventually hoping to add slate pavers for a patio in this area.



 Now it was time to turn the attention to the cracked fountain bowl.  Lots of scraping to get the other stuff out and a tube of silicon sealer.


…oh…that green patch is a piece from a kitty litter bucket. In 2 weeks, it will be algea covered and totally unnoticable.

 The bowl sealed, the center bowl repaired and it was time to set it up.  First the base, had to center it and run the electrical cords to the shed.  Then the fountain bowl and the top bowl with the water pump installed.  It has lights too, we just don’t normally run them.

Finallly…a finished fountain  :-)  Thanks to my sweet husband, the birds once again have a safer place to drink and bathe and I’m a happy camper!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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    • lol, I agree. I will have to work on it! Want one of those huge ones at Texas store in Cross Plains