Stashbusting Report

I really would’ve liked to fabric shopped in Abilene yesterday.  There are some basics that I need to replenish, but they’ll wait till another trip.  Maybe one where I can get Wanda to meet me for some serious craft and fun shopping.  Ernie really doesn’t get overly excited by fabtics, beads or scrapbook supplies, lol.

We slept late, had a late brunch, did all the laundry and then it was time to play.  It was wonderful to sit and sew all afternoon.  Cranked the A/C down, grabbed my Crystal Light and some chips…oiled the FW, added a new bobbin and off we went!  Ernie had to clean the bottom of the iron before I could press things, but it’s done. 

Not a whole lot to report.   I’ve cut 3 more bindings and a few alternate blocks for another project.   I’m finally over the halfway point in my usage goals!!!   If I continue to feel this good, we’ll see more quilts soon.

  •  Yardage purchased this week  –  0 yds 
  • Yardage used this week  –3.00 yds
  • Year to date purchased  –  6.25 yds
  • Year to date used  (goal 300 yds)  –  152.50 yds
  • UFOs (goal 12)  – 2  4
  • Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20)  –   2  3 4
  • Charity quilts completed –  ytd (goal 20) –  4  14   24

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Stashbusting Report

    • Mary, I’ve been stashbusting since 2000 and I cannot tell that I’ve made a dent! I inherited several stahes over the years…and fabric still finds it’s way to our home. I have to challenge myself or I would be drowning in fabrics.