First shots

Told you I would post photos as I get the quilts bound and finished.

Wanda brought this one over completely finished!  The pattern she used is one of my designs called “Spinners”.  We had a workshop at the Abilene Quilt Guild on this one and out of the 12 quilts…none even looked similar!  That was a blast :-)  It’s good to see the pattern still being used.

I have a bunch of strips that I’ve saved to make more of these. 

Wanda tied this one and it’s really cute tied.  Can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve tied a quilt…and how cool a tied quilt looks!

 Next,  this is a quilt top that Christy brought.  These were scraps and extras from another quilt that Christy made.  We determined one of the granddaughters was responsible for the top.  She did well on making the blocks, but missed the mark greatly setting rows together.   I ended up taking the rows completely apart and re-sewing the top.   Christy allows as how there wasn’t much supervision, lol.   I’m just thrilled that the girls wanted to quilt!!!   At one time, we had 4 generations of quilters.  Now,  we’re down to 3. 

Don’t you love the old fashioned look?  I do…may have to keep this one, lol. 

This is another top that Christy brought to donate for Mission of Hope.   Christy was stashbusting too.  Think she did a great job on scrappy borders and using the different yellows. I love the way the quilting pops.  We used  a 40wt King Tut variegated blue thread. 

This was free-handed on the HandiQuilter Sixteen by Christy.  She got this down to a fine art! 

Like I said,  next time we’ll try free-handing something linear or maybe fans. 

Need to machine stitch more bindings on so I have evening handwork.  I find machine stitching tedious, but love the hand stitching to finish the binding.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “First shots

  1. Neat quilts, Susan! Know you guys had a ball visiting and quilting. Nothing like having family around to cheer one up!

  2. I like how they all turned out. They don’t always look good to me when its not finished, but when finished they look so much better. I hope someone will enjoy them all.