Lake ??? Brownwood

Where’s the Lake?  The sign is there, but the water is missing.  This is so sad to see…Summer has seen boaters, fishermen and skiers on the lake…this year, it would be darned difficult to do any of that. 

This is the bridge crossing Lake Brownwood – going South on HWY 279 to Brownwood…

Not really much of a bridge.  Just a gentle curve and basically, a 4 lane roadway.  Trees and brush on both sides for 75% of the way.

As you can see, a flat, no arch, regular 4 lane width bridge that is 75% over land.  Just a very small part over any kind of water.

Please mind the sign…. cause this is what is below it.  Not much water, lots of sand.  Bet the water is no more than 4 feet deep :-(

See the 2nd boathouse on the left?  JudyL’s new home sits in the area above and behind it.  If we looked at the right house this evening, she might have views of the lake…which would be wonderful if it had water! 

This is all that’s left of the boating channel under the bridge.  When we were there 4th of July,  this was about 3 times the width you see here.  All the boathouses are from 30-100 yds from the water.  The Park Rangers told us the lake was down 12-15 feet.  We heard on the news tonight that some of the road departments are having to MOW the lake bottoms for the owners to get their boats down to water!!!






The other side of the bridge has NO lake water to speak of…just weedy, grassy grazing pastures.

Our lovely Pecan Bayou drains into Lake Brownwood.  We’re dry as is everything below us to the lake.  There are very few deep holes with a tiny bit of water left for the cattle.

If you’re the praying type,  pray for our drought stricken area.  I don’t understand why we’re not given rain, but I do know that it’s in God’s hands and He will provide.

Someday,  I will be able to post pictures of a really pretty lake.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. Susan,
    Prayers going out big time for rain from here in Delaware. It is dry here too but no were near as dry as you are there. Hopeing you get your well need rain soon. Take care and stay cool.