Turn out the lights…

the visit may be over (and what fun we had), but the photos and memories will linger on!  Christy just called from WI and they’re safely home.  None the worse for wear, just a little tired.  Thought I’d post a few of the visit activitiess…


throwing boom-a-rangs in the field with Dad and Granddad.  Look how dry that grass is…should be deep green and about ankle high :-(

Ernie and Rustin chopped wood and then Hunter helped load the trailer.  Rustin did some neat stacking when they got the wood to the storage corral.

 Hunter spent some time perfecting his technique with a new “wrist rocket” slingshot and pea gravel.   He spent a little time with the bb gun too.  That wasn’t as novel as it was at Christmas.  Dad bought him a bb gun when they got home last time.

Christy spent 95% of her time in the sewing room.   We sewed borders together and finished a few of the tops.  We cut and pieced backings and made bindings. 

Wanda came and sewed with us on Tuesday.  She brought 3 tops which Christy quilted while Wanda cut and made bindings.  

Christy quilted 26 quilts while she was here!!!  She was nearly inseperable from the HQ16!  I only got to touch the machine once!

Hunter’s piano practice at the church.  Not his favorite part of the day, but practice is a necessary evil.  This is his first year for lessons and if you can keep him focused, he can rip right through his chords and songs.

Thanks to my nice boss lady, fried okra was a frequent menu item.  Christy was in okra heaven!  We certainly ate well.  Maybe too well judging by the groans after meals!

We made ice cream one night…Hunter got to see how that was done and had a turn at cranking the old timey ice cream freezer handle.  He mixed candy in his bowl and made ice cream soup…the rest of us had assorted toppings and I think the treat was enjoyed by all :-)

Saying Goodbye is always hard.  I was heading for work while the kids were loading up to head for the next stop and home. We had fun and their company will sure by missed.  Thanks for coming down, we love you!

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Turn out the lights…

  1. Looks like a perfect time with family and friends, so glad I was included in the group. Have 2 quilts with binding finished. Need to trim and cut, and sew binding on the last one.

  2. I’m so glad you had a good visit and lots of work by all.
    That okra sure looked good. Ann