I’ve been looking…

for a cool display stand for my wigs, hats and scarves…check this one out


wouldn’t this be a neat way to store all my goodies?   This is what happens when I have too much time to surf, lol.   There really aren’t that many great stands out there.  Most are for single wigs and need to sit on something.  I don’t have the room for things to stand, but I might could work in a place for a stand.

I’ve had lots of comments from my readers about friends and family members with wigs…how about some feedback on how they store/display theirs!  If this stuff is going to be a part of my life, I need to get more organized than heads on a dresser in a corner of the bedroom.


Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “I’ve been looking…

  1. That rack is really neat. I could see that as an extract rack for jackets, which I seem to have to many of according to DH :)

  2. Great hat rack, made prettier by all the wonderful colorful things added to it, your attitude towards your illness is remarkable, you’re a shining example of positive energy, keep up the good work and good thoughts.

  3. Susan,
    What a wonderful idea! You could nicely display your wigs and hats and have them at the ready so you can make your choice easily. Perfect!

    Thanks for sharing.

    I have lots of beautiful hats and a couple of wigs. I’ve had really fine, thin hair all my life, so started wearing hats when I was very young. I started wearing wigs after being in a car accident and lost most of my hair from meds. Whenever I want to wear a hat, I have to dig through my closet andthe containers they’re in. This would be perfect.


  4. Hi, I think I like the rack with many areas. Would save space in the long run because it holds so much. What ever works for you the best but for space I like the tall rack.