We staged a “sew-in” in Burkett, TX!

Wanda showed up this morning with her sewing machine and a sack of quilt tops.  I had just pulled a big cream cheese danish out of the oven and Christy was setting up a new top on the machine.  After we hashed out what we were quilting next, checked out backing choices and pieced some batting, we were off to the races.  We did sample the danish :-)    Thank you JudyL…it was still just as good as when you shared the recipe in AR.

Along with the quilt tops,  Wanda brought a terrific pasta salad, cantalope, and a fruit bowl for lunch.  We ate well, let me tell ya!   Had to waddle back to sewing room!

Christy spent her day quilting while Wanda sewed bindings and cut strips for the pieced backings.  I sewed backings together and made bindings.   Wanda’s 3 tops were quilted along with 4 more of mine for a total of 7 quilts.  We sewed bindings on 5 or 6 quilts.  I hand stitched one tonight.  Completely done, ready for the washer and the shipping box.  Wanda carried 3 home to stitch the bindings down.  I’ll hand bind mine in the evenings.  That’s my favorite handwork!

I actually had to go into the front closet quilt top stash for more to quilt.  Found 1 larger top that’s all batiks and black.  Christy picked the borders off and separated the top into 2 pieces.  We’ll put new borders on the sections and get them quilted tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is our last day to quilt, so you know we’ll be working hard.  Think I still have 5 more tops in addition to the 3 left from today.  After that,  I’ll need to set more blocks into tops.  How cool to have so many of those tops DONE and out of my UFO pile.  It’s also looking like another great stashbustin week!  Thank you to Wanda and Christy!  You two rock!  We made a great team today.

If we can squeeze in time tomorrow for photos, we’ll show you what we’ve been working on.

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “We staged a “sew-in” in Burkett, TX!

  1. You guys are making me breathless! Way to go and haven fun doing it. I pieced 4 tabletoppers yesterday and will sandwish then today. I already made the bindings. Keep it up you make me pround, wish I lived closer.

    • Table toppers as in runners or square or round that really cover the table? I need a pattern with stars for a table topper. Share some pictures?