The Good, The Sad and The Ugly….

The Good –  Another trip to the Oncologist and my cancer marker levels have decreased from 895 to 628!  We want to see those numbers going DOWN!   The Dr. has me scheduled for an X-geva injection in 2 weeks, another in 4 and a PET scan in October.  She says all my lab work is great, levels all well within the normal limits…and I feel great.   We also saw the primary care Dr. today.  He went over all the lab work from the previous labs and said the same thing,  all my levels are good.   So,  I got a good report all the way around.   The primary care Dr. gave Ernie a good report, so now all we need is a good CT scan in August from his surgeon in Dallas!

The Sad – Our neighbor hauled his cattle off today.  We’ve lost the herd.  He assured me that once we have rains to grow the pastures up he’ll restock the cattle.  It’s so sad to listen to the ranchers.  All the talk is on having to sell their stock due to lack of water.  Everyone is running short on feed and with no rains, there’s no grazing and no hay to be harvested and baled. 

The Ugly – We so desparately need rain.  The big trees are stressed and dying, fruit trees are barren, pecan trees have no pecans.   We passed cotton fields that are only partially sprouted, maize fields where the plants are stunted…without rain, the plants won’t grow.   All the lakes are too low, so hauling water isn’t an option.   We’re in level 2 drought condiions.   Cattle, crops and hunting are the livelyhood for so many in our area.   All of the churches are praying for rain….one of them has “Pray for Rain, Pray for Rain, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY” on their highway marquee.   We know the Lord will provide, but sometimes it’s hard to be patient when we can see so much need.   Keep our parched land in prayer, please.

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “The Good, The Sad and The Ugly….

  1. Susan I too am praying for rain here in Central Texas, All my plants are dying and the trees are dropping leaves like crazy. We are expecting 100+ temps all week with no break in sight. This heat is stressing all things, people, livestock animals, pets and cars. On the other hand I am so happy your labs are getting better. I will pray for 100% healing.

  2. Hallelujah!!! Great news, and I will continue to keep you and Ernie in my prayers along with praying for rain. big hugs to both of you and give one to WWWanda!!!

  3. Such wonderful news with the cancer markers! Sad about the moo-cows though. The weather is going nuts. It was 122 with the humidex in Ottawa last week. It’s *never* been that hot since Whitey landed in Canada 500 years ago. Out west all the crops are rained out. We’re going to have to all eat less. Looking at my backend in the mirror not altogether a bad thing! LOL
    Hoorah for you girl! You’ve got the ole Cavel fight in ya for sure!
    Love you,
    Aunty Deb