Those silly cows…

Coming home the other day,  I noticed the cows had crossed the Bayou and were making the great escape under the highway bridge.  Ernie called the owner who brought a bale of hay and honked them back to his pastures.  Here are a few stragglers bellering and trying to get to the hay feeder.  We’re up on the old bridge and they have a place to cross under.  This is Mom and calf and another cow.  There was one more after this group.  I think the herd is 22 or 23 strong and they were all out/

Neighbor thought he had them corralled…NOT.   With the bayou nearly empty, the cows have access to miles and miles of river bottom, the highway and other people’s lamd. 

The owner will either have to fence across the bayou or move the cows.  He said if fencing didn’t work, he’d probably take them to auction.  How sad. 





We’ve watched most of these cows, yearlings and babies grow for the last couple of years.   My little freckle face would be gone :-(   The heifer with the crooked horns, the one with one black spot on her forehead…that big stately bull, all of them.   I hope the fencing will work.  I hate the thought of losing our ” honorary herd”.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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