Just call me “baldy”

 We had a shearing last night…now it’s official…I’ve joined the hairless wonder club. 

Sad?  A little, but it sure was nice to take a shower and not have to clean a wad of stringy hair out of the drain.  The pile that came off was all wiry and there was nothing pretty about it.  Good riddance.  I’ll keep it shorn until the chemo is done and the hair starts growing in good.

There’s enough stubble left to give the scarves a little something to stay in place and maybe to keep the wigs from crawling.  Sort of like the fuzzy side of velcro. That’s a good thing.

When we were done, Ernie wanted me to make him match.  NO WAY.   One baldy is enough for now :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


21 responses to “Just call me “baldy”

  1. You have the best attitude!

    My son shaved my DH head right before he went in for brain surgery several years back. He took it pretty well since his hair had always been a big deal to him.

    How sweet he wanted to match…you have a keeper there.

  2. Aw, you’re all cute. You might get addicted to having hardly any hair. Yer ole Aunty shaves her hair down to 1/4″ every couple of weeks. We look a lot alike – both of us look like our Grandma Josie – when she was in her 30s! (good on us!) Ernie doesn’t look like Grandma, thank goodness! LOL But he’s cute too.
    Love you! Hug everyone for me!
    Aunt Deb

    • Hadn’t thought about any family resemblance, but guess you’re right. I could get used to not having to mess with hair, lol.

    • I agree with Ann! You’re pretty hair or no hair….. And Ernie is too—pretty that is!

      A gal at work just finished chemo earlier this year —her hair is growing back really cute! Quickly too! She was telling me how baby soft it is when it begins to grow back. She loved rubbing her head then!

  3. You have such an amazing attitude! I’m so glad I signed up for your blog posts. You are such an inspiration to so many – just wanted you to know I noticed!! :-)

  4. Bless your heart. Don’t worry, it’ll grow back.
    Several years ago my sister-in-law had cancer, chemo, the whole bit. She always had straight hair, but when it grew back, it was all curley. Very cute.
    She has sence then battled breast cancer, and WON! PTL. You will too.
    Love ya,
    Lisa in Alabama

  5. It will grow back, my mom’s did. On the bright side you should be cooler now. If it were winter that would be chilly. My husband is part bald so shaves his head and it is cute.

  6. I applaude your attitude & envy you having a husband that cares for you.
    God bless you.
    Incredible speedy healing.

  7. Hey but you’ve got a good shaped head :-) And at times when I thought there might be devilishl horns under that hair –well you’ve proved that wrong. (and you know I’m teasing). Tho I don’t know if I want Ernie to be my hairstylist but he seems to be wielding that shaver pretty well. This too shall pass and be a much cooler head under that purple wig and scarfs.

    • If you value your hair, I wouldn’t recommend getting around Ernie with clippers in his hands!