Vivitar ViviCam X029 – Part 2

I was excited when Ernie checked the mail…new battery and a charger.  Great!!!  We went on to Brownwood, did our shopping.  Back home, stuff put up and finally, check all the mail and check out the new stuff.  Not so great after all. 

The battery is correct, the charger is correct….if I’d had a Nokia phone it would’ve been perfect.  Unfortunately, I have a Vivitar Digital Camera with 2 dead batteries and a charger that won’t work for what I need.  Drat, Drat and Double Drat!

Ernie got online and found the correct charger and it’s been ordered, so we’re back to waiting.  Should be here in a few days. 

I hate spending more money on a camera I can’ t get to work right, but it’s for sure never going to work with nothing but dead batteries!  Maybe with new batteries and a little more time,  I’ll get a good shot and figure out how I did it, lol.

How frustrating.  Believe me,  I will NEVER EVER buy another Vivitar product.  Sorry guys…you only get one chance to sell me a great product and you blew it.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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