These tired eyes ~

It amazes me how often I find myself reaching for “cheater” reading glasses, a magnifying glass or other magnifying aid to read.. 

 At dinner, I asked Ernie a simple question about the Pimento Cheese spread he was eating…how much sugar was in it?   Neither of us could read the container, so he got the magnifying glass.

Do the manufacturers make everything in small, odd colored, low contrast, often fuzzy numbers and letters to discourage us from seeing what they’re really feeding us?  Have you looked at the labels on bakery and dairy products lately?  Big containers, tiny, tiny labeling.  What’s with that?

At work,  I have a magnifying dome.  Don’t need it for anything other than reading the latest Abilene telephone books where all the print is a typeset of about 6!   I mean, TINY.  Even a co-worker who is younger than I am comes looking for the dome when he has to use the phone book.  It’s gotten ridiculous.  We’re ruining our eyes with all the straining that’s being foisted on us by manufacturers.

Guess I could take some of the blame :-)   I’ve spent many MANY years reading under insufficient light, hand stitching in relative darkness and such.  No telling how many times in my younger days I was told to “turn on a light” so I wouldn’t ruin my eyes.  Times like tonight find me wishing I had listened and taken better care of my eyesight. 

Now,  all I have to show for those times are 2 tired eyes.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “These tired eyes ~

  1. We stayed in Abilene last night on our way home from New Mexico. Now I can picture you as I read your posts. I know what you mean about the “cheaters”, Everything is such small print these days. I have pairs stashed everywhere for reading and sewing.