Prayer Shawls and the comfort they bring

When Ernie was in Dallas at Zale Lipshy Hospital for his bladder surgery, a chaplain came to visit.  She talked with us, met the kids, prayed with us before Ernie went into surgery and kept up with our whereabouts while he was in surgery. 

The Chaplain was one of several who rotate through the hospitals in that area.  She was quite nice and most concerned about our comfort.  While Ernie was in surgery, she came looking for me and brought a package that contained a lovely hand knit Prayer Shawl.


She told me about a group in the Dallas area who get together to knit and pray over the shawls they make to be donated where they feel there is a comfort need. 

They pray over each stitch, each row, each section of fringe for love, healing, peace and well being.  When the shawls are donated, they carry those prayers to wrap the recipient.   I spent lots of time wrapped in mine the week Ernie was in the hospital. 

That same shawl wraps me in church when I get chilled or it pads my hip when the pew becomes too hard.   The love, prayers and thoughts that went into the shawl still keep me company and bring me comfort. 

Since our return home,  I’ve been convicted to make a Prayer Shawl, but I don’t knit.  I found this book for those like me who crochet (or try to)…and it has some lovely patterns.  It is filled with stories by those who made each shawl or those who received the shawl.  What an uplifting book.  All stories end…some not what a family might consider happy, but death is a part of living. 

If you knit or crochet,  check your local supply store for the book.  If you’re inspired, knit/crochet away.  You’ll bust that yarn stash and can donate within your family, your church, town, wherever you feel there is a need.  Be sure to attach a card explaining what a Prayer Shawl represents so the recipient will understand WHY the shawl brings them such comfort.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Prayer Shawls and the comfort they bring

  1. Good morning Susan,
    I neither knit nor crochet, but enjoyed your post about the prayer shawl you received. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • You’re welcome, Lynn. Some things just need to be shared! The Prayer Shawl story is one of those things!