Why do they make things so complicated?

We bought this cool little purse camera so I could always have access to that “perfect shot”…. 

I have several issues (read that as problems for those who hate the word “issues” ) with this pretty little camera.

1.  I can’t get a decent shot out of it without lots of finagling.  Maybe I don’t understand the settings?  I have read through all the skimpy literature that came with the camera…and gone online looking for more information. 

2.  I put the camera in the console in the van as it made my purse too heavy….and I’m not supposed to be carrying too much with the shoulder/hip problems.  Well…apparently the heat was too much for the battery.  DEAD next time I needed to use it.

3.  Went back where we bought the camera…they no longer carry this model or the batteries.

4.  Went to Radio Shack.  Nope, no such critter.

5.  Googled the battery.  Ordered it off Amazon.com. 

6.  Would you THINK the mfg would tell you somewhere in their skimpy literature that the necessary battery is a NOKIA cell phone battery?   Not for a camera at all!  No wonder people get so irate with the products out there.

7.  $10.00 got me a new battery, a charger and maybe alittle less frustration.  Now if I could just figure out how to USE the camera!

Susan ~ Patchkat



3 responses to “Why do they make things so complicated?

  1. sorry Mom! thats a crappy camera. I bought this one for Rustin. And no matter how hard we try, we can’t get nice pictures. Wish I would have done more research, but I wanted a less expencive camera for him since he loses Everything! Can you take yours back?

    • wish you’d warned me before I purchased, lol. No, can’t take it back now. I’ll keep messing with it and try to figure out the settings…I have gotten a few good photos…mostly outside. I can’t seem to get it right for good inside people shots.