Quilts on Display :-)

Isn’t this a cool way to display one’s quilts!   When we lived in Saudi Arabia,  I drew up my ladder plans and Ernie built it.   We’ve carried it around through 2 countries, 2 moves and for a bunch of years.

The top bowtie quilt was pieced by an elderly lady in the early 50s.  I bought the top, had to replace one of the bowties that had shredded.  A dear friend did the quilting. 

The hot pink is a Bailey’s 9 Patch from the late 30s-early 40’s.  I bought this one some time back.  Another friend and I challenged ourselves to make our own…that hasn’t happened yet.  Too many other quilts ahead of our challenge.

The blue with koi fish is the backing of a quilt I made for a challenge.  Mom loved her koi.  After she passed away, I had a dream about a koi.   Not long after that, this bolt of fabric fell in my path at a quilt store!  Scared me, then I bought what was left on the bolt.  Took me 5 years to make a cut in the fabric, but it made a great backing.

The bottom bowtie is hand peiced blocks of 5 bowties per block.  Ths one was probably pieced in the same time frame as the other pink/blue quilt.  It’s in less than great condition, but I love it’s soft texture and the colors.

On the 2nd rung behind the Bailey’s 9 Patch is the newest quilt…a lovely heart quilt from a bunch of terrific internet friends.   It’s too hot for quilts right now, but I keep it where I can see it and feel the vibs!

I change the quilts out every 6 months or so.  Don’t want any of them becoming light faded or kitty claw damaged.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Quilts on Display :-)

  1. Challenge? did someone make a challenge. :-) I forgot all about that. Could be we need to be moving that quilt up the list and bite the bullet and at least set a start date.

    • Be gentle! Pick a realistic date, lol…I have the pattern and I think I have fabric pulled and bagged for this one. Key words…”I think”.

  2. I know how much these quilts can mean to you. I have a beautiful quilt that you made for Jack and me and I value to more than you can imagine. Ann