We have so much to be thankful for…so much we just take for granted.   Today is Sunday.  A time for praises.   In our home, the praises are many. 

Thursday, the Dr. office called and told me that my other cancer medication had been approved by insurance.  The nurse said she’d been trying to get the medication approved for another patient and it was denied.  She was afraid it would be the same for me…but, she called in the request and it was approved immediately!!!  The medication has been ordered and I should start it the 25th.  

On Friday nite, a friend sent a message saying there was a kitty up on the highway bridge and she thought it could be Swirl kitty.  I had seen Swirl earlier, so was pretty confident that it wasn’t him, but Mitzy has been out for several days.  1am saw us on the highway with flashlights looking.  Wasn’t any of our herd or one I recognized from around the neighborhood.   We have prayed for Mitzy’s safe return.  She ran in when Ernie opened the door this morning!

Saturday, we attended a co-worker’s wedding in Santa Anna.  We’ve prayed for years that a suitable Christian man would come into her life.  Sam seems to fill the bill all the way around.   By the time we got back home,  I was so stiff and so in pain.  Due to the Nexavar,  I cannot take any aspirin, motrin, tylenol…no anti-inflammatories as I’m at risk for bleeding. I hate praying for myself, but I did send up a plea for the pain to be lessened to bearable.  This morning,  I got up feeling great and able to get around fine.    

To the  best of our knowledge, our family is all healthy and doing well.  Our kitties are all accounted for and well.  We’re employed, we have a roof over our heads, food in the pantry and freezers, and can still afford to run the AC.

Yes,  I feel we’ve got a lot in our lives to be singing the Lord’s praises. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


9 responses to “Thankfulness

  1. Oh, Susan, thank you for this wonderful post. I’ve been sitting here so glum all day, and really needed your wonderful words. My deceased husband’s dog died this week and I seem to be grieving my husband all over again. Thank you for the reminders — I have most of the blessings you you listed. Bless you! I hope the new medicine helps you and you will soon feel even much better than you do on your good days.

    • Caroline, I am so sorry for both of your losses. May God grant you peace and provide you with abundant comfort.

  2. Hi Susan, Don’t know how your blog stuff started showing up on my email, but I have been reading you for a long time. I love what I read, some good, some troubling, kindness, caring all kinds of things. I just knew your loved the Lord Jesus. Today confirmed it.
    I can’t wait to meet you and to get to know you even more. I will be attending Q2F retreat in March. Hi, I am Susanna Orr

    • Susanna,
      One of my favorite sayings is “Faith is not believing that God can ~ IT IS KNOWING THAT HE WILL” And I know he will. If not this side of Heaven, then on the other. Either way, I’m a winner.

      Wish I could attend all the retreats! Would love a chance to meet you! I’ve seen your name online for years :-) It’s been over a year since I did any fun quilty stuff.

      It’s always great to hear someone is reading and enjoying my blog! Thank you!

  3. I believe pray and belief can bring comfort. God does’t create our problems but HE is there to help us through the worst. God Bless, Ann