Cool patterns and housecleaning

First,    I have had several enquiries on the cupcake blocks…and the pattern.    The pattern is not my design and is copyrighted by my friend Denise from TQP.   Denise is one of several designers and a bunch of talented quilters on our list!  She has designed a ton of wonderful patterns and quilts.  Very, very talented!  We’re really proud of her!  Click on her name to check out her web-site!

Second,     Angie would you email me (  patchkat7 at  )   I’ve been trying to email you but the address doesn’t seem to be correct.

Third and lastly,   I’ve been cleaning out the magazine stash…garden, BH&G, and quilting mags.  I’ve got several stacks going.   There’s the stack for work, the stack for the trash, the stack to go through more thoroughly, and the stack with things I want to try, blocks/quilts I’d like to make.  

I haven’t taken the time to thumb through all the issues that have come in since the Holidays.  WOW!  There are some beautiful fabrics, patterns and color combos that I would like to try.   Not only quilting, but I’ve been wanting to re-do the kitchen cabinets for awhile and there are several photos that are similar to what I have in mind.   I’ve torn the photos out and a few recipes…whats left of the mags will hit the trash.  Feels good to see an empty end table instead of  one with magazines falling off on every side!

Next,  I need to tackle the magazine basket in the bath and a few garden catalogs on the bookcases.  We’ve become buried in paper around here!    Once this is done, it’s time to take on the sewing room desk.   argh.  How does it get covered over so quickly?   It’s supposed to be my cutting/craft table.  There isn’t enough open space to cut a 2″ square!   Denise…you’re good at cleaning and reorganizing.  Why aren’t you here, ROFLOL…no scones, no good home baked goodies….just work.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Cool patterns and housecleaning

  1. Hmmm…no treats to eat but a promise of a lot of work. I’d be crazy to turn that down — especially when you add in the pleasure of being able to bother Ernie. ;-)