Baker’s half dozen?

Is there such a thing? 

I thought I only had 7 finished cupcake blocks, but there are 8.  Only 7 of these will get pressed, trimmed and labeled for swapping.  The last one is a cream color and doesn’t have enough contrast.

These are displayed (not too well) on the dining room design table, lol.  Can’t get to the design wall as it still has an All Points North and South top laid out…been there since last Fall!  Talk about not getting much accomplished…sheesh!

Anyhow,  I am slowly making cupcakes for Denise’s swap, and working on several other “A” projects in the evenings while watching TV with Ernie.  So see, Denise, there IS hope!  And JudyL, I’m still stashbusting, even if in small amounts!

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “Baker’s half dozen?

  1. the cupcakes are really cute! Where can I find that pattern? It would make a really cute little girl’s quilt and I
    have a granddaughter who would love it.

  2. Number 8 just needs a drizzle of chocolate sauce.That should get the contrast up. Or maybe sprinkles. A little embellishment can save the day.

    • I’ll keep the reject for myself and do some embellishment. Love the chocolate sauce idea. Thanks!

  3. Sue — These are so cute! What a great way to work on that stash. What do you mean not getting much accomplished? From what I can tell you are amazing with all you have on your plate!

    ~~ Paula in OH