Quick health update ~

For those who are following the cancer issues –

PET scan and the CT scan didn’t show several of the smaller tumors visible on the original CT scan.  Both scans show that the large tumor in my lung and the one on the right adrenal gland have reduced by half!!!  Both also show a new small tumor in the right middle lobe although the radiologists who read them don’t seem to quite agree on exactly where the tumor is located.  Nothing new showed up and everything appears to be stable at this time.

This is skeletal…there are spots in my ribs, the spine, pelvic bones, shoulders, etc…there is no cure.   BUT  ~~ the cancer markers (something to do with the thyroglobulan levels) were 30,000+ when I entered chemo treatment.  Now they are at 895!  The lower the number, the less active the cancer and the more effective the chemo treatment.  The oncologist has ruled out Zometa for right now due to other issues, but says there is another drug that will work as well…if insurance will approve it.

I feel great.  There is some hip pain and the occassional arm twinge.  Pain pills help IF I need them.  I’m able to work fulltime, cook meals, and am getting around relatively well without my cane.  My energy level still leaves a lot to be desired, but I can do quite a bit in a short energy burst. 

Fortunately,  sweet Ernie is always close by to help with whatever needs to be done.  He keeps me ontrack and keeps me smiling.

Please keep us in your prayers.  Those scans are physical proof of the power of prayer!  I have been so blessed….a year ago, they told me I’d probably be gone.  I’m still kickin and all the praise and glory goes to God.

Susan ~ Patchkat



13 responses to “Quick health update ~

  1. Yes, Susan, prayer is a powerful thing, and know that mine are with you. So glad you’re in such good spirits. Positive thinking is a powerful weapon also.

  2. Thanks for the update. One hesitates to ask, but I am so excited to hear your news! Oh, by the way, I hope Tippy doesn’t get the cardinal!

  3. You’re an amazing woman! I can’t even imagine going through what you’re going through without falling apart. Your cancer markers are fabulous! My brother’s number were over 11,000 when he started chemo, and got them down below 100!! Every time I think of him, I think of you, as well, and will definitely keep you in my prayers. God bless!!

  4. Susan, I’m so glad the tests are being positive. You and Ernie are on my churches prayer chain and always in my prayers and my heart. Love and God Bless, Ann

  5. My husband, too, is battling mesthelioma (lung cancer). I believe the chemo has helped him a lot also. His stomach is still quite upset and his last chemo was about 6 weeks ago. The cat scans so far are showing a lot of improvement so hope reigns supreme here. Aren’t prayers wonderful?

  6. I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear and it was well worth the wait. Big hugs – this is great news! Now to pray those energy bursts last longer every day.

  7. So glad to hear this. I’ll continue to pray the cancer simply disappears…. love to you and Ernie