More about the birds – and the wasps…UGH!

This is one of my favorite birdhouses…and the little Carolina Wrens love it too.  This is the 3rd year they’ve nested in this particular birdhouse.  I waited for awhile trying to get a picture of the momma as she exited, but she was way too canny for me.

There are hitchhikers on this house…look closely at the back left corner of the roof.  Wasps.   We’re over run with them.  Wish the grasshoppers would eat them instead of the plants!

 Here’s another nasty customer.  It’s come up to the water for a drink.  At evening time, the grey rock is covered in assorted varieties of wasps and bees.

Burkett must be the wasp capital of Texas!

This is the brave little Cardinal.  He sneaks up on the kitties water pan.  Took him a full 5 minutes to decide to drink after lots of neck stretching and head craning.  He’s right to be watchful.  Tippy keeps running at him.  Someday, she may catch him.

The Cardinal is out here every afternoon.  He works over the brush pile for bugs, then heads for the water.  He’s fun to watch.

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “More about the birds – and the wasps…UGH!

  1. I notice a wasp sharing the water pan with the cardinal in the top picture. Beautiful bird!

  2. I made a hanging bird bath out of old dog aluminum bowl and a dollar store vegetable basket.
    Works great. protects the birds.
    God bless.

  3. we’ve had very good luck getting rid of a lot of the yellow wasps that wait for us at dinner time at the bbq table and then try to steal our hamburgers and hot dogs (they really can carry them off!).
    what we do is this: take a water bottle. poke 2 holes in the sides opposite each other 2″ from the bottom to be used as hangers. thread wire or string through those holes. above those holes poke another hole, large enough for a critter to go in, about 3/4″.
    with the bottle right side up, put in sugar water and chopped meat, replace the cap and hang it up away from you, but not too far. they get attracted to the food smells, find out that they can get into that bottle, but somehow can’t find their way out. every time we eat outdoors, we are amazed at the number of bugs that creep into this trap. we never empty it. we just keep adding sugar water.
    what are your wasps eating that keeps them there?