A hungry herd?

Or maybe I should’ve titled this one at the trough!

Natural way –

Here’s everyone but the runt…at the trough.  When Tippy gets tired of this crew working her over, she comes to the sliding door and starts howling.   Then it’s time for the human help factor to kick in.



The Human Helping Way

This consists of  a glass pie plate full of watered milk with canned food and dry crunchies mixed together.  As you can see, this drew all 5 kittens, Tippy and Swirl.  He’s already eaten and moved off…his tail is visible on the top left border of photo.

The smallest of the grey/white spotted kittens is quite curious.  It’s also the most insistent about feeding.  Tippy cannot move that this one isn’t under her trying to nurse.

Watching these guys is a lot of fun.  They’re learning about chasing bugs now.  I understand grasshoppers are about 80% of outside kitties protien.  That being the case, they need to get out and start eating.   There is lots of winged protien just waiting to be caught and eaten!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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