Is there anything sweeter?

There isn’t much sweeter than baby kitties.  Here are 3 of the 5.  If I had to guess, the other 2 are sacked out in the greenhouse.  These little guys are almost 7 weeks old.   Hard to believe they’re already so independent.  The darker one on the left is the runt of the litter.  The cream kitten on the right front is the one I most want to tame down.  There is a twin to the cream and a twin to the grey/white at the back of the chair.

I love to watch them rough housing around the yard.  They tackle each other without mercy and scamper up the tree trunks, the deck and the lawn tractor.

Here’s Mom (Tippy at the door) and Dad (Swirl). 

Swirl has started eating at the dish with the kittens.  He’s very protective of the family.  He chases everything off.  Wish he’d chase the coons off because the little dark one and the grey/white have both tried to take on a full grown raccoon.  Not a wise move.  The Mom has ridden the coon’s back several times to discourage feeding forays to the deck.  Not wise on her part either.  They seem to know no fear.

Tippy will make her trip to the Vet next week.  After she gets back , then it will be Swirl’s turn.  I think we’ll keep him to watch over the babies while Tippy is recuperating.  We normally keep the females kenneled for 24 hours afterwards just to give them a little extra recovery time and to allow all the anesthesia to get out of their systems.  Don’t want to release one outdoors that’s still a little groggy.

Wish us luck in getting the kittens tamed down.  They need to be friendly and used to handling to rehome unless someone wants them for barn cats.

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Is there anything sweeter?

  1. Oh, berry berry cute. I love babies of all kinds too, but kittens and little pups have to be at the top of my list.

    You sure have a wonderful place to live. :)

    Sending big hugs,
    Aunt Deb

    • Hi Auntie Deb! Been thinking about you. Yes, tis a wonderful and wonderous place to live. At the moment, it’s a really DRY DRY DRY place to live. Lots of grasshoppers eating everything green. They’re killing my roses and hostas… and I’m trying to kill grasshoppers.

  2. Wish I lived closer. We would happily take one of your little boy kittens, surely the ‘runt’.

    • Wouldn’t that be great. These little ones will all be looking for new homes. Ernie petted one of the little grey spotted ones this morning. They’re coming around.