A little more hail and a small amount of rain…

That’s what we had last night.  I was still in Coleman when it came a frog strangler…had to stop at the drug store for burn stuff (Ernie managed to burn his hand on the lawn tractor).  I wouldn’t get out of the van cause it was raining so hard that I was afraid of falling trying to get across the parking lot.  Finally drove through the drive through and the pharmacist handed me what I needed.  Talk about small town service!  Can’t be beat.

While I was waiting in the parking lot, it hailed.  Pea sized stuff and a lot of it…the rain was coming in sheets for part of the drive home.  I didn’t know the van would actually go at 35mph for sustained mileage, ROFLOL!  The rain quit before I arrived home.

Later, we received about 1/2″ of rain.  No major wind, no hail…just God sent rain.  Saturday night’s wind brought down a large branch on one of our fences and a huge part of the Hackberry tree in front of our church.  Seems the trees are falling apart.  The rain is a blessing for everyone.   The trees, fields, grasses are in serious drought shock.  A little moisture and cooler temperatures will ease that some.

Ernie had to go to Brownwood today.  He said many of the tanks he passed have caught good amounts of water.  That’s great as they were mostly dry.  The lake is really sad.  The ranchers could graze cattle on the lake bottom along HWY279.  Beautiful, lush greenery.  No water, but greenery.   I know those homeowners with “water front” property are wondering if the lake will ever fill again .  Their boatdocks are sitting on dry land with a lot of beach and no water in sight!

We’re thankful for all the moisture we receive…and constantly praying for more.

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “A little more hail and a small amount of rain…

  1. Oh, I’s so glad you got some rain. Wish I could send you ours! It has rained here in Central New York nearly every day since winter left. The ground is so wet and we’ve already dealt with flooding more than once this spring. And the dampness is killing my arthritis. So, here’s hoping you’ll soon get our rain!

  2. It seems to be a crazy year for everyone, we have had tons of rain. Yesterday is was hot and we had the air-conditioner on, today it was so chilly I needed a sweatshirt. Glad you got much needed rain.

  3. And we have had nothing but rain. The poor famers are wishing it would stop for a while. A lot of fields are flooded.
    And It’s cold and humid here. I didn’t know that was possible. But it is! Where is my summer? Because its not in Wisconsin!!!!