Spotted Calf

We spent part of Saturday working outside…had more limbs/leaves that needed to be raked and hauled down to the burn pile.  Not a problem!  Ernie got the lawn tractor and the little trailer.  He raked, loaded and was ready to head for the back 40. 


By the time Ernie was ready to head for the back pasture, the neighbor’s herd had come to visit.  They were eating and laying around in the shade of the mesquite and hackberry trees.  They weren’t interested in leaving either.

I guarded the gate and Ernie went about his business.  A few of the younger calves got a little worried about the noise, but they didn’t go far.  The mom’s just laid around and watched the activity.

I have to grab a shot of this cutie


Look at the speckled forehead!  This one was quite curious and most interested in the body behind the camera.




The momma cow wasn’t real happy about me talking to her calf, so after a few minutes of me trying to encourage the calf to come closer, mom moved it on…and made it rejoin the other calves in a little grouping under the oak tree.

About an hour later, the lead cow moved them all off the pasture and down onto the Bayou.  Guess it was time for a drink and a trip back to the owner’s pasture.

The side and back yard areas look much better now with all the downed branches and leaves gone.  safer too.

Susan ~ Patchkat



3 responses to “Spotted Calf

  1. they are so cute when they are small. I’ve had a few full grown ones chase me across the field – they are not so cute.