More Babies

Babies are so cute.  Doesn’t matter if they’re puppies, skunks, birds…just cute.  Nothing is cuter than a little kitten though :-)   Yep.  I’m prejudiced!

Swirl’s paramour, Tippy, has finally started bringing the babies out into the big World.  These 2 are not strangers to dry food…she must bring them up after we close the curtains.

  Tonight, she introduced us to 2 of the 5.   These little ones are now about 6 weeks old.  Time for Mom to wean them and take a break from nursing.  As soon as we can corral the babies, it will be time for Tippy to visit the vet. 

         NO MORE BABIES!


Even though these 2 little ones are adorable, we don’t need another generation or two coming along.

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “More Babies

  1. sooo cute but i’m glad to hear about the upcoming visit. 5 is enough semi-feral cats or worse, future lunches for predators. any visits coming for the cuties? they’ll soon be old enough, too.

    do you spay the male? some do, some don’t.

    • we have had all the females spayed and all but the big Swirl cat was nuetered…problem is there are several others in our community who feed and breed…they don’t have their populations fixed. We’ll have this Mom spayed too and any kittens that remain when they are old enough. The Swirl cat has become friendly enough that he will also visit the vet for an attitude adjustment. we get quantity discounts.