Chickie babes


 Our neighbors have chicks…these are mixed breed…rooster daddy is a game rooster and the Mom is something white and fluffy with big leg muffs.   Think she told me these are about 5 weeks old.  CUTE!



This must be the babysitter hen…these aren’t her chicks, lol.   She doesn’t get more than about 5′ from the daytime cage…and she leads them into the coop at night.   The real egg laying Mom is sitting on another clutch of eggs that are due to hatch out in the next 7-10 days.


We are over run with grasshoppers and burr clover.  The neighbor says they have no grasshoppers to speak of and almost all the burr clover stickers have been eaten!   Her chickens are allowed to free range during the day, but they are in a coop at night due to the predators.

We have got to build a coop and a run…we need chickens of our own!!!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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