Weekend with the kids

We’ve enjoyed a little time with Son Lance, DIL Leslie, and the grands Katherine and Kenneth.  Lance helped his Dad with some much needed roof repairs while Leslie jumped on the riding mower and took care of the yard.  She also ran the weedeater with style!   Check out the garden (dry though it is) without all the weeds!!!  I watered after they weeded and ran the weedeater.  The tomatoes and peppers perked up quite nicely.

 Kenneth and Katherine spent lots of time catching grasshoppers for yesterday’s fishing trip with Lance and Granddad.   I think they all caught fish and more fish.  They found a tiny fawn in the high grass.  It was all curled up and sleeping.   Sometime while they were fishing, the fawn got up and moseyed away.  They walked the Bayou and stirred up 3 snakes!  Yikes!  Either 1 moccasin and 2 rattlers or 2 moccasins and 1 rattler.  All kept their distance and the snakes left without any issues.

Had a great grilled dinner last night curtesy of the guys grilling skills.  Saw way more Sponge Bob Square Pants than anyone should ever have to watch at one time!

Today was church and dinner.  Now the house is quiet as the kids have gone.  I tried to get a quick shot of Katherine’s blue nails with the white daisies…

they don’t show up well.  Sorry.

Didn’t manage to get any shots of Ken.  I’m not sure he was ever still enough for me to get a shot, LOL.  That boy is a mover!  He’s outgoing, knows no strangers and is a sweetie.

Here is what Katherine spent a lot of her time doing –

 All the kitties were real happy to have the kids petting on them.  This is Blaze getting his lovings.

It was a great weekend and now, the house is quiet again.  Always hate it when the kids have to leave :-(  

Susan ~ Patchkat


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