Even more mail :-)

You know,  I could get used to this…

This is the great cap that Marilyn sent.  I forgot to get a picture of the scarf.  I’ll model that one later.   

As you can see,  I figured out how to get the pictures without posing…and without stressing out my photographer, lol. 

Today’s mail brought another surprise!!!   This time, from my “adopted” quilting Sister, Sheryl and her family.  Each of them had their own goodie in the package!  

From Chris – check out this cool beret (looks great with purple hair) and the cute bracelet he made…complete with magnetic clasps.  Much easier to open/close.   Thank you Chris! 







   Donnie’s contribution – a painter’s cap.  Ernie’s favorite…leave it to the guys to stick together :-)   It does look real cute on…and goes well with yesterday’s brunette hair or the purple.   

And from Sheryl…the beautiful variegated red scarf.   I can see this one for Sunday wear with black!  Look ma…a NO hair day!   The scarves all make me feel so elegant…and are really in style right now.





 I love them all! 

With all this lovely headwear, I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  Each one looks nice…the colors are wonderful, and I have a hard time picking out what I want to wear each morning.  I find I’m picking my clothes based on the headwear I want to wear!  Is that backwards or what?

Thank you to each of you for the gifts, the comments, the cards and emails.  I feel so privileged to have such thoughtful and caring friends. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


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