Razor cut ?

Let’s ignore the bad shot, we’re here to look at the short brunette razor cut!  (my arms aren’t long enough for self portraits, lol)

This one is a “Gabor” short shaggy, razor cut.  It looks better when I’ve taken a few minutes to shape it, but a second in the wind and this is what I have.

I’ve been out in the heat, so my red is really “shining”.  I think I hate that worse than the loss of the hair!  I still turn beet red if I’m in the light/heat…even the SPF55 isn’t slowing that part down.

Dear friend, Marilyn sent a lovely pink hat and a gorgeous blue flowered scarf.  I wore the hat yesterday and received lots of compliments on it.  Thanks Marilyn!  Y’all are spoiling me soooo bad.  I agree with the comment about having friends who are fashion consultants! 

Maybe I’ll get Christy to do better pictures when she comes in July!

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Razor cut ?

  1. Rosey cheeks flatter you and I really like the hair, wish mine did that good wind or no wind. Ann

  2. Another good look for you! Don’t worry about the red. My facre is always red too, and I can’t even explain it by medicine either. Keep on posing!

    • I’ve attempted toning it down with foundation, but that just looks like the old pancake makeup, lol. Now, it’s a little bit of shadow, eye liner and lipstick…all of it over the SPF55 sunscreen moisturizing cream. I do still have about 6 eyelashes on each eye, but forget trying to use mascara….it isn’t happening!

  3. Sheryl and family did a great job in picking out head-gear for you! Chris did such a nice job on the bracelet too! Looks like you’re having fun with the new scarves and hats.